Welcome to the Polytechnic United Methodist Church website! We are located on Fort Worth’s East Side on the campus of Texas Wesleyan University.  Our church was founded in 1892, just two years after the university was founded.  This means the congregation has shared ministry with the campus for over 120 years.  Our church attempts to meet the needs of all who come our way–persons in need, students, immigrants, and our members.  It is always our hope to include and involve more people in ministry and service.  If you would like to explore opportunities for service, please contact us.

We are also an inclusive congregation: all are welcome!  We believe Christ welcomes us all—no matter our race, age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, etc.—all are welcome at Polytechnic United Methodist Church!  We do not claim to have everything figured out, but we agree to be in community and continue to seek understanding for our faith.

Come and be a part of the journey of faith, service, and love!

Polytechnic United Methodist Church
1310 S. Collard St.
Fort Worth, Texas 76105
Office: 817-534-0278
Email: polyumc@gmail.com

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